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ReiMao drabble posted! =D [Oct. 7th, 2006|10:56 am]
The Rei/Mao LiveJournal Community


Title: In A Little Chamber
Author: Aquarius Galuxy
Fandom: Beyblade
Pairing: ReiMao
Genre: Romance
Rating: M
Summary: [Drabble] A little rendezvous in an indoor pool should not be interrupted. But what is a team captain to know? RayMariah lime

Here's the link:

R&R it! Thanks! ^^

[User Picture]From: scent_of_rain
2006-10-09 04:19 am (UTC)
*spazzes and jumps over tables and chairs to read it*


I did not know where that just came from... XD

*reading period: some time later*

*holds tissue to nose* OMG...that was...awesome!!!!!!

Hehe, I liked the part with Kai...hehe...X3

Once again, a fantastic job!!!!!

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