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This is a community for people who love the Rei/Mao pairing of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade. The membership is private, so please apply if you wish to join, and I'll add you.


1. LJ Cut is your friend, kiddies. If you have any pics, long posts, rants etc, please cut them.
2. No flaming. I'm not just talking about the pairing, I'm talking about characters. You can't join if you hate Rei or Mao. If you don't like Rei/Mao pairing, you'll be refused membership, and I WILL be checking. If anyone on this community flames Rei/Mao in any way, shape or form, you will immediately be banned.
3. If the fic/website/pic isn't yours, please credit the oringinal artist, or at least disclaim it.
4. Please keep everything on-topic. If you like other pairings, we must say we don't care. x) Find a community on which to talk about them, this is a Rei/Mao community.
5. No chatspeak. Just... no.
6. If the Rei/Mao pic/fic you post has side pairings, please make us aware of them.
7. R and NC-17 material must ALWAYS be behind a cut. No exceptions.
8. Have fun and post plenty!